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Hairpieces For Men

Hairpiece service for men


• custom designed

• fitted and styled by Dermot James

• I have 20 years experience in styling and cutting hairpieces

• We offer a number of services to owners of hairpieces

• No monthly maintenance fees

Thicken you hair with colour


Dermot James award winning hairdressers in business for the last thirty years, moved from the city centre to Walkinstown Cross and have been specializing in men's hair colour for years.
The latest hair colour on the market for men has a matt finish and has no regrowth, it does not go red or orange. We are not saying all men should have their hair coloured, for instance take Tom Jones, George Clooney and Richard Gere, they all look well with grey hair, but if Paul McCartney or Mick Jagger appeared on stage with white hair it would not work.
The colour for men that we recommend gives the appearance of thicker hair. Sometimes men's hair can be over coloured, we like to leave some grey for a more natural look. What our clients like about the colour we use is that it only takes ten minutes, it lasts for up to five weeks and the cost for a colour, cut and style in 30

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Hairpieces for men - there are good hairpieces and there are bad hairpieces ...
if you are getting a hairpiece make sure it's a good one. Contact Dermot James.








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